Cominmag, the magazine of new technologies of informations !

Cominmag, the magazine on new information technology! Today we briefly present to you Cominmag, the B2B magazine that analyses the latest trends of the Webiverse for businesses.

Cominmag – what and who is it? is a B2B media for marketing and communication professionals in French-speaking Switzerland who need relevant information and analysis on the national, regional and international market. The magazine analyses, follows and anticipates the influences of new digital technologies.

he paper version appears 8 times a year, while its website is full of information and ads day to day.

Victoria Marchand Olivier Cretton are the initiators of change that began 10 years ago: in 2004, a complete overhaul of the magazine; in 2005, the launch of the Internet site; in 2014 a new paper and digital form.

What’s new at Cominmag in 2014

In addition to its new look, Cominmag will soon pull together to make new podcasts, which will be led by Victoria Marchand and produced by our agency. But this is not the only collaboration between the two entities: this year marks 10 years for which Thierry Weber has been contributing regularly to the magazine by writing content related to trends and developments in the geek world.

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