When a high school innovates in its communication via live video

Livestreaming (or live video) is not the sole preserve of major brands and other prestigious advertisers. And even if there are still not as many examples in Switzerland, it is in Valais that we can find a good example of live and interactive communication. All this to promote a university that knows how to address its target audience.

Seedstars – The World Cup startups

Seed, From the English seed, and stars, from stars! What a beautiful metaphor to describe this original project created by a motivated young team from Geneva whose goal is to find active Internet startups, self-financed by external investors’ teams.

LIFT – Digital Innovation in Geneva!

breew a une longue histoire avec Lift: depuis de nombreuses années (anciennement sous ThierryWeber.com), nous sommes chargés de la remasterisation de l’entier des archives vidéo et de la mise en place de la transmission en live avec Livestreaming.com.
Nous couvrons également l’événement en image ou en interviews via le Podcast de Thierry Weber “culturepod.ch”.