eCOM, a successful Swiss lounge!

eCOM, a successful Swiss lounge! The Exhibition eCom, SITB, Swiss Mobile Expo took place at Palexpo on the 29th April this year, and its success, once again, has been resounding. For the last two years, breew, formerly, has supported these exhibitions with its sponsorship. Exhibition services breew eCom:   We make trailers and videos […]

Thierry Weber and the CREA School

For the Bachelor’s degree offered through the CREAschool, Thierry Weber has been taking care of the training for more than a year « vidéo pour le Web ». As the course met with complete success in 2013, from now on it will be extended over three days. The students have expressed their wish to do […]

Cominmag, the magazine of new technologies of informations !

Cominmag, the magazine on new information technology! Today we briefly present to you Cominmag, the B2B magazine that analyses the latest trends of the Webiverse for businesses. Cominmag – what and who is it? is a B2B media for marketing and communication professionals in French-speaking Switzerland who need relevant information and analysis on the […]


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Vous êtes accompagnés par nos spécialistes en communication digitale lors de chaque étape du processus stratégique de votre visibilité sur le Web :

  • Conseils stratégiques en marketing online et en marketing des réseaux sociaux
  • Création de vos vidéos et de leurs contenus
  • Mise en ligne et diffusion des vidéos et de leurs contenus grâce aux dernières technologies de la communication digitale


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breew: your appointment on the Web!

You are accompanied by our specialists in digital at each stage of the strategic process your visibility on the Web communication:

  • strategic consulting online marketing and social media marketing
  • Creating videos and their content
  • online and broadcast videos and their content through the latest communication technologies class=”none” digital


About our services

As seasoned professionals in digital communications techniques, our video content specialists can offer you solutions that are tailor made to meet your wishes and requirements.

We will guide you through each step of the strategic procedure for creating your Web profile:

Strategic advice on on-line marketing and social networks marketing

Creation of your videos and their contents

on-line and  distribution of the videos and their contents using the latest digital communications technologies

“Devenez vous aussi visibles sur le Web“  – Thierry Weber


About Thierry Weber,

Founder and CEO of BREEW

Thierry Weber’s impressive professional experience, his business acumen and his professional integrity have naturally brought him large mandates and won him the confidence of prestigious clients who, today, entrust him with the reins of their digital campaigns.

Thierry Weber anticipates his clients’ needs thanks to his flair for the cutting-edge: there are none better at exploring the latest technologies worldwide that he then turns into strategic tools. On the human level, Thierry Weber has acquired a reputation for being trustworthy, reliable and being able to find a solution to any problem.

Falling into the NICT cauldron

Very interested in NICT (New Information and Communications Technologies), Thierry Weber shares his knowledge through auxiliary activities such as editing “geek” content, contributing to on-line media conferences and teaching in communications schools in both Switzerland and Singapore.

He is also one of the co-founders, initiators and members of the organizing committee for the “Best of the Web” prize, an association founded by Netzmedien and Com In, whose goal is to defend quality in the area of Internet services in French-speaking Switzerland.

At BREEW, Thierry Weber has the back-up of a dedicated team, committed to rigorously undertaking all the projects the agency initiates.



official reporter at breew

Miki was created from scratch by the agency LES LETTRES D’OR to provide communication on social networks behaf of breew. She is somewhat clumsy and awkward, and shamelessly loves to act the diva, which makes her perfect for setting out the strengths and weaknesses of the breew team on their Facebook platform. She also has her personal blog.

Miki is a little lady from an exoplanet who had the gall to apply for the position of columnist in our agency. Not only did she land the job, but she now entertains Internet users every week by sharing with them her whimsical adventures behind the scenes our business operations.


L'Avenue Digital Media,

partner agency

We commissioned L’Avenue Digital Media, a synthesized image agency, for several projects where video and image synthesis formed a scoring combination. It was therefore natural that L’Avenue Digital Media become our preferred partner in this field.

The Agency proposes, inter alia, its services in image synthesis in the areas of real estate, urban planning, mobility, industry and life sciences.

Visit the website of l'Avenue Digital Media


Introductions written by LES LETTRES D’OR

SWISS-MADESWISS LABEL is an association for the promotion of Swiss products.

The breew agency is certified Swiss Made for its quality of services

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