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eCOM, a successful Swiss lounge!

eCOM, a successful Swiss lounge!

The Exhibition eCom, SITB, Swiss Mobile Expo took place at Palexpo on the 29th April this year, and its success, once again, has been resounding. For the last two years, breew, formerly, has supported these exhibitions with its sponsorship.

Exhibition services breew eCom:


    • We make trailers and videos for exhibitions


    • We organise conferences


    • We organise exhibitions

Miki and The Exhibition eCom

Since 2013, a new act offers visitors an original and very entertaining show. : Miki, the official record keeper of the agency, takes a place of honour on thebreew exhibition stand : not only does it «physically »welcome visitors, but appears in videos and computer graphics. Miki is an integral part of the communications strategy put in place by breew since 2013. One year later, Miki is the star of the exhibition.

Miki and her fans

Miki loves to pose with her fans. Her followers have not stopped their belief in her since the beginning in February 2013. For example we see her accompanying stars such as Lolita Morena, Stanislas Wawrinka, Bernhard Russi, et Xenia Tchoumitcheva who are already completely addicted top this bubbly and wise little figurine !

The breew exhibition for entrepreneurs
Together with Miki, breew’s Web TV has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their company in a free filmed interview.

Business opportunity

breew has used this event to present itself and so attract a new clientèle. More information in the next few weeks !

Pay a visit to Miki:

The web pageFacebook de Miki breew
Le blog de Miki breew


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