Partnership between breew and LES LETTRES D’OR

We in January 2013, the agency has barely transmuted into breew. Its CEO, Thierry Weber, the opportunity to give a boost to the disclosure of his business and mandate an external agency to develop a communication strategy.


It is the agency LETTERS OF OR that breew chosen for this mission because it has a feature that is striking force : it is specialized in two main pillars of corporate communication strategy and creating/writing content .

Led by Rosita Oppizzi, the agency offers companies tailored strategies and then provide all the creativity , experience and expertise in the creation of their content on- and offline : slogans, brand signatures, hooks, websites, mailings, newsletters, makeover texts, flyers, social networking, video scenarios ; without forgetting the organizational aspects of Community Management.

In short, tell him to written content or strategies and Rosita Oppizzi you dug up words and concepts that refresh and energize your communication!

As part of its mandate to breew, the agency LETTERS GOLD has developed a communication strategy upstream and load since 2013 creating/writing all the contents of external communications and community management.

An exciting mission that requires a keen sense of coordination, rigor, responsiveness foolproof and a boundless creativity !

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