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Autumn marks a return to professional activity and to the great resolutions, those set and imagined in the year’s objectives. It was with several companies in French-speaking Switzerland that the breew agency found itself supporting, training and monitoring several employees who became content producers for their company. Training courses that ranged from taking pictures to handling the smartphone to make better use of it. From training to video shooting as well, whether with semi-professional, professional or amateur equipment.

It was with the employees of Gaznat that the breew agency found itself training a whole team of employees in the use of the smartphone in order to use it as a video camera. The idea of this course was to be able to give all the weapons to the company’s employees, who are in the best position to react more quickly and produce videos about their activity. Several sessions were organized to introduce them to shooting, sound, light management, but also to video editing and online broadcasting of their productions.

The same exercise was also carried out with the employees of the communication and marketing unit of the Retraites Populaires in Lausanne. A training that very quickly brought to life content that is regularly published on Facebook and other social networks used by the company. Important fact: it is not only the communication team that has been trained in video and photo shooting, but also employees with a direct or indirect link to the company’s communication. It must be noted that the knowledge acquired during these training days was very quickly put into practice in examples that can now be seen on the Facebook page of the Retraites Populaires.

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